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BRGMosaic is a secure custom web-based solution built for our clients across the healthcare continuum. Mosaic leverages the concept of “tiles” or modules that implement custom applications based on our client’s operational and analytical needs. This solution allows users to track public and private organizational data in real-time, efficiently, while leveraging BRG’s advanced analytical capabilities. Ultimately, Mosaic has been designed to deliver our clients the critical information they need to make better, timely decisions.

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Custom Web Data and Consulting Solutions
Customized to Your Needs

Find the tiles to meet your overall strategies in one place.


Determine Fair Market-Value for your organization's Healthcare Professionals (HCPs).


Operationalize your hospital staffing plan in real-time. Determine staffing variances and optimize your direct care targets.


Transparency Analytics

Customized analytics leveraging the CMS Open Payments Data from 2013 and 2014.


Customized analytics leveraging global clinical trials data.

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